The successful development of Saracen Group, lies in the significant achievements and the impressive track record of its founders in Investment Banking and their work in the Middle East in particular. This record started in 1978 during the construction boom in the Gulf, culminating in the Group facilitating various Project Finance structures, Asset Backed Finance and Corporate Acquisitions.

The focus from 1991 to 2001 was the creation of Sharia compliant financial products by direct liaison and contact with the major Islamic Banks in the Middle East and their respective Sharia Jurisprudence Committees. The aim was to span the gap between Middle Eastern and

Western financial markets and bridge the opportunities and products found in both regions.

Saracen has been able to forge a unique knowledge of both Islamic Finance and Investment Banking, which is reflected in it's ability to offer high level consulting in this field, as well as more conventional research services.

Its affiliates have been involved in successfully raising funds in excess of US $12 billion of debt finance for application in projects in Latin America, the Far East and Europe. These financing packages also include asset-backed finance with major groups for oil rigs, container ships, tankers and aircraft.


Saracen approaches opportunities either as a founder shareholder or as a co-investor on all investment opportunities in which the Group partakes. The extent of this co-investment varies and is assessed on a case by case basis, taking into consideration the nature of each individual opportunity. In this sense, Saracen does not act as a broker or third-party marketer, as the Group retains a vested interest in the initial and ongoing performance and success of all our investment opportunities. This achieves a governance structure breading honesty and commitment throughout the duration of the project, something which Saracen strongly considers a necessity. Saracen now focuses its business on Global Strategic Investments 70% and Iraq and the Gulf 30%.